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I think that I might have to put together a Katniss cosplay eventually (and pray that mine would be as cute as @alexpinku's was a few years back), because I just can't get over how awesome these pictures are!!
This was actually this cosplayer's FIRST cosplay, which gives me some hope, but she's probably just naturally more crafty than I am? Maybeeee.
The armor is all made of either EVA foam or craft foam. She shared how she put it together:
"I would cut out the shape that I wanted and either put a blow dryer to it or put it in the oven for five minutes to bend it how I wanted. Really easy to use... "
I've been afraid to put EVA foam to work before, and thus always avoided armor, but I think I might have to give it a try! Has anyone used it before?? I'm honestly not sure how to begin lol
Maybe I should put something simple together for the Mockingjay finale as a test run :)
@VinMcCarthy I think I'm going to stick to strategically buying necessary pieces for now, but you're right!!! I just need time and money to be able to get back to that :) I'll do it just for ya'll I guess :D hahaha
@hikaymm don't believe that version of yourself! you were once, and can be again. plus, how will I know what to do if not for your cards about it? do it for the kiiiiiids
@VinMcCarthy YOU CANNNN!!! You just gotta like....do one n stuff :D I haven't cosplayed in more than a year now so I'm starting to feel like I'll never be able to be crafty or make my own cosplay again.
@hikaymm ahh, time and money. the killers of most dreams. XD
man, I wish I could do cool soplay things.