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Ah, this drama is so underrated. I'm not saying it's the best drama that ever came out, but as someone said, it had such beautifully, emotionally complex characters. This drama is pegged as a Rom-Com, but the ending of the second episode brought tears to my eyes. It was such a heartbreaking moment to watch and that's when I was hooked.
@Reyam Yes, I couldn't agree more. By the end, it did seem like he was older. That's a great ability for an actor to have. I haven't see it yet, but it seems to be very popular on here. I'm guessing he plays a much more cheerful character?
@yinofyang yep the age gag were too big but si yoon was able to handle it like a man i mean he make me feel like he is the older one he is just a wonderful actor and his role in me too flower really different than FBND but for me i love in both characters :))
@Reyam That's great! Knowing that Yoon Si Yoon actually replaced the original actor who was older and playing an older role...well, he did such a good job with his role. I quickly forgot how much younger he was than the main female lead. He was really good! Yeah, the song is really pretty.
well for me i found this is a good drama yoon si yoon role was wonderful and very pretty drama and this song is the best song of suzy i guess its wonderful song full with feelings i always hear it
It was. I'm not really familiar with her as an actress, but she wasn't bad at all.
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