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One of the most popular crossovers that you can find in nearly every fandom either in cosplay or fanart form is the bunny crossover. It's basically just taking a character and their standard attire, and adapting a standard Playboy Bunny type outfit to match that.

Need some visual representation? Here we go:

Star Trek Bunnies!

A Game of Bunnies

Madoka Magica: Bunny Girls

The Avenger Bunnies

Princess Playboy Bunnies!


I'm not sure exactly where this started (I originally thought it was from Haruhi since she totally made them dress up as bunnies in the anime, but I think to some extent it was just the idea of incorporating Playboy bunnies).

But I'm also not sure how I feel about it...

On the one hand, I have a friend who really wants to do these (specifically the Madoka ones, cough @starberry) so I'm kind of ok with it, but I also just...
I just don't get it?
So I'm curious: love it or hate it?
I think its a cute fun Cosplay idea, if you do a group then it's worth it ^^ also less material than the real outfit would take lol
I agree with @VixenViVi. It's a cool idea because it's probably a bit easier than creating the exact original costume. :)
@VixenViVi lol such a good point!! I deff think you need a group to make an impact with this one :)
I don't think these are my favorite crossovers but I love the work these groups did with them, adapting the characters must have taken a lot of design work!