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Guys its finally here the debut we've all been waiting for Ive decided to share all the members so you can know them better and of course so you can know who to add to your bias list haha (dont worry if you are 18+ they look young but were safe most are of age lol)
So happy for these guys I know they are gonna go far they are all talented, all very cute and will have millions of fans in no time♡
Birth Name: Kim Jin Wook (김진욱) Stage Name: Jinhoo (진후‬) Position: Leader, Vocalist Birthday: August 2, 1995 jinhoo is a definite cutey♡
Birth Name: No Sul Il (진욱) Stage Name: Kuhn (김) Position: Sub-Leader, Vocalist, Rapper Birthday: November 11, 1995 another cutey♡♥ gonna be tough picking bias for this group.
Birth Name: Ko Min Soo (고민수) Stage Name: Kogyeol (고결‬) Position: Vocalist Birthday: May 19, 1996 this is pretty much a whole group full of cuties♡
Birth Name: Lee Seong Jun (이성준) Stage Name: Wei (웨이‬) Position: High Rapper Birthday: June 8, 1996 Wei reminds me of a younger young jae♥
Birth Name: Lee Chang Hyeon (이창현) Stage Name: Bitto (비토‬) Position: Low Rapper Birthday: August 24, 1996 Here we have jimin and sugas love child haha
Birth Name: Kim Woo Seok (김우석) Stage Name: Wooshin (우신) Position: Vocalist, Face Of The Group Birthday: October 27, 1996 wooshin is definitely high on my list hes extremely adorable♡
Birth Name: Seon Ye In (선예인) Stage Name: Sunyoul (선율) Position: Vocalist Birthday: November 6, 1996 ♡♥
Birth Name: Hang Yu Jin (한규진) Stage Name: Gyujin (규진) Position: Vocalist Birthday: November 21, 1997 Gyujin is a serious cutie ♡
Birth Name: Lee Hwan Hee (이환희) Stage Name: Hwanhee (환희) Position: Vocalist Birthday: May 6, 1998 The one ive been waiting to share ♡♥Hwanhee♡♥ is the cutest thing ever look at him!! Since he is not of age in the US lol we can let it slide and go by korean age for this one because he is just too cute, definitely added to my pudding list.
Birth Name: Lee Dong Yeol (이동열) Stage Name: Xiao (샤오) Position: Vocalist, Maknae Birthday: December 13, 1998 this group is just too much for me♡♥
Now that your life is officially ruined What did you think of the music video? and of course Who are your favorites so far? Mine are: Hwanhee♡ Jinhoo♡ Kuhn♡ Kogyeol♡ Wei♡ Wooshin♡ Gyujin♡ Xiao♡ Basically the whole group because they are all really cute♡♥
I love it!! I only have 1 complaint... WHY 10?! Why couldn't it be like 6?! Or 8?! Uuuuuuuugggghhh!!! So many new groups to learn and so little time! But really though... I love them! I'm going to go watch the video again. ( And again, and agian.)
WEI HAS THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME 😆😆 ack I need to stop falling in love with all of these new groups I'm drowning in feels
YAyayyayayyayay I'm excited! ive been watching their V updates ^^ Now just need a bais ㅋㅋㅋ Ill probably like the rappers >.<
@Marilovexoxo I think my top ones are Wooshin and Sunyoul, but I can't decide! 😍😍
Thank you for this!!! 😍😍
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