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Okay, with the success of the post last night about Rory Rodriguez, I'm shifting my focus to another relationship based song, this time in rap. Sadistik. I was introduced to this guy, this genius of a guy, about a year ago. Since then, I've worked on memorizing everything he's put out. As a writer, deep lyrics and word play is VERY attractive. To me great writing is about passsion and creating connections between yourself and the audience. The reason why we listen to music, the reason why we have relationships with other people is because we have some sort of connection or because we're longing for it. We spend our whole lives looking for such things. When you can relate to something said, to the tone of something, to the feel, it sparks something inside of you. You want to incite emotions and memories or create plausible possibilities. You want to make a person stop and think. To me, that's great writing. And Sadistik blew me away. For that, I'll be a life long fan. I'll continue to pre-order music. I'm going to purchase a few sweaters once I'm done paying off my textbooks lol
It was December 24th when my chest caved in and my everything called to say, “Let’s stay friends.” Well, not quite, she used me beautifully and with that empty tone she can sing my eulogy. And now I feel like I’m ugly once again, her excuses start to fill my empty stomach to the brim, the room starts to spin and I cry till I dry heave. I am a dying piece of her past. Just another band-aid, she needs to relax until she justifies my pain with a reason that lacks. See, I just wanted her to see herself like I do: Beautiful. But she speaks her lies in haiku. So resurrect me, teach me where to go from here and I will script to melody with meanings that are so sincere. Her frozen tears are streaming down the sculpted ice giving me the coldest bite every time I hold it tight. I’m masochistic when I love you till my heart bleeds, I’ll love you till I break when I’m running from your sharp teeth. I’m out of breath as I hang onto the broken glass, picking up the pieces being strangled by a photograph. And she’s a black rose trapped in cracked roads that can’t grow, but still I’m lost in her splendor... And I’m an idiot minus the savant when I’m trying to move on but choose not to remember. I spent the midnight admiring your crooked edges, juggling with history and times that we mistook as head trips and look for exits from green eyes that haunt me at these times of wanting to idolize your good intentions. It's not a friendship, it’s a see-saw torment, I’m down on all fours for it and she’s all for it. I used to find a little piece of solace in your breathing pattern, Fair in war and love but you cautious when you reached the latter, weren’t you? Love, do you believe in angels or just an instability and using me to scapegoat? I held your flaws and the beauty that you mangled and I told you that I loved them just so that you could see your halo. And when she lies I’m a casualty of that, and when she said she loved him, I felt my galaxy collapse... I’m dancing to the heartbreak while echoes make a point of it. I’ve never felt like this... I think about you in these nightmares and daydreams, holding onto memories in times where we’d make peace. But you’re a pantomime, a witch-hunt for truth. You have so many faces, tell me which one is you! And you can be with him or anybody else, But they will NEVER love you the way that this somebody felt... But now it’s over cause he finally broke the surface, I just want to say, "Goodbye" and that I really hope it’s worth it.
Those lyrics...
@ButterflyBlu Yeah.... They destroy me every time....