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So I wanted to share this with other's who would get a laugh from it >.<
So to start, I was having a great time. I was in my living room, having a super awesome fun time! Seventeen was over!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know! Jealous right?!
So Seventeen was hanging out in my living room with me <3 I even got a foot rub! (I was sooooooooooooo happy) THEN.. THEN...
@KutieKiKi made me leave my house full of beautiful Korean boys, to go get lunch -_- Let's just say I was grumpy about it >.<
THEN she takes me to a bowling alley instead, and guess who is there! Freaking T.O.P! He is there with family holding a weird looking baby! (almost like in doomdada) So then they all tell him to go get food, and he walks past us and drops the menu to where he is going so we can follow him! >.< T.O.P is assisting in our stalking, such a gentleman. So I was pouting cause I wanted to go chill with seventeen and she made me follow T.O.P around XD
So... Yeah my dreams ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Have you had any funny kpop dreams?!

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@deilig I hate when I get woken from a good dream, I get mean lol
This is so weird but just 2 nights ago a dream I had finally got my teaching degree and was about to enter my new class when... Who is sitting there ?!? Minho!!! Choi Minho !!!!!!😍😍😍 everyone was chill about this and I just walk up to him because you there is no way this is him!! But he started to speak to me and he grab my hand !!!😱😱😱 I was like " OMG !!! This is like a dream come true!!!" Then I woke myself up with that comment.😩
@carrillojuana Nooooooo why did you wake up >.< I jumped on a trampoline with Minho once ㅋㅋ
Omg wat a dream amazing I want to be surrounded by kpop oppas hehe anyway I haven't had any kpop related dreams in a few days when I do have one will let u know hehe😉💕💕
mine was a short but cliché dream. I was in a rush to go somewhere and I was at the airport and I ran right into T.O.P and fell down the whole time I'm apologizing and he helps me up and kisses my hand then I woke up T.T