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@VinMcCarthy made a card about a game event that hit him in the heart, so I decided to share mine. when sephiroth kills aerith in FFVII.
it came out of nowhere, I'd never experienced the death of a major character before, especially one I had invested a lot of time building up and maxing out. so when I first saw the cgi movie it hit me like a brick to the face.
of course sephiroth had to gloat and tell cloud/me how he was unbeatable blah blah blah. it was frustrating to wait to be able to hand him a bit of righteous justice only to find out you don't get to fight him yet!!!
but that wasn't all, after the battle cloud/me has to say goodbye to our good friend aerith :( the music was very well done in this scene and afterwards I felt really drained. giving sephiroth a Texas sized ...whoopin became priority número uno!
@shannonl5 lol I have a lot of allergies lately xD
@buddyesd awwwwwww T_T
wow @ButterflyBlu that was heavy I had to tell my coworker I got allergies lol
@buddyesd lol people need hugs, you know!! It's healthy. ^.^
@ButterflyBlu I'm getting so many hugs today :) my allergies are starting to flare up again lol
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