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Everything you eat affects you in some way or another.

They say you are what you eat, but what if the food you were consuming on a daily basis had a negative impact on the health of your hair? For the past couple months I've been trying to practice patience while I grow the chemical from the relaxer and hair dye out of my hair. It's been a couple months and my hair hasn't seemed to budge. Not only have I been extremely frustrated, but I've been contemplating relaxing my hair again to stunt the growth process.
Now that I think about it, my hair may not be growing at the speed I would like it to grow because of the foods I'm eatings. Studies show that certain foods can have a negative affect on the growth of your hair. If you're dying to find out what these foods might be, keep scrolling and put down the scissors. It's much easier to stop eating these foods than it is to chop off your hair.

Sugary Foods

We all know sugar is bad for us, but we still choose to eat it. Sugar produces insulin which increases a male hormone in your body called androgen which results in shrunken hair follicles making it hard for your hair to flourish and grow.

Low Protein Foods

Who doesn't love carbs? I surely do. I could live off breads and pastas, but I know better than that. Your hair needs protein to grow and remain healthy, so with that being said if you're interested in growing your hair -- swap out the carbs and go for the high protein foods.

Vitamin A

Growing up your mother always reminded you to take your vitamins and it's stuck with you ever since. What your mother probably didn't know is that too much Vitamin A can shrink your oil glands and stop your hair from producing oils which can lead to hair loss.

Juice Cleanses

Incase you were wondering, those juice cleanses you purchase and drink throughout the week are nothing but sugar -- hence the reason why your hair isn't growing [see about sugar foods above].

Fatty Fish

Warning: Mercury Zone. Fish is meant to be a healthy choice, but too much can lead to a major negative. Mercury is known to be in fish [some more than others] and unfortunately, mercury has the power to cause you to lose your hair, including interrupting the growth process by the essentials needed to form keratin. Steer clear of these fish in general: swordfish and mackerel. Be sure when buying canned fish, always go for the light option.

Are you finally ready to grow your hair the proper way?

whoa didnt know juice cleanses were all sugar.......its pretty insane how much they charge you for these
yeah, it's so much better and healthier to make your own @mchlyang