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You're sitting closely next to me and you read my thoughts knowing what I wanted to do you gently tilted my face to you My heart slammed against my chest as I avoided your eyes "come on love look at me" Eye to eye I couldn't breathe and I saw your love for me "it's OK I'm here" When anyone said that before I didnt believe them But I believe you Nervous I lay my sweaty hands on yours they were so soft. A smile spread on your beautiful lips "See? That's better" Slowly I nodded and your smile grew bigger You seemed like you were looking right through me You could see everything from the deepest parts of me The parts I wanted to hide but opened to you only You accepted them your love is so genuine I never had that before I didn't know how to act The deepness of your love and caring warmed my heart and made it full Quickly I placed a kiss on your soft lips and whispered "Thank you"
thanks so much
you'll like a few of my writings then haha
I love writings about love <3
your welcome 😊
wonderful. 💜