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The one on the end is Kwon Tyrone. He's kind of out there right now. lol The one in the middle is Kwon Naomi. She is sweet and sassy. She got that from me! lol The last one on the end is Kwon Gyeong. He loves to rap and spend time with his daddy. hehehe Now... My baby daddy in the middle there. He is sweet... loving... kind... and funny. His name is..... Kwon Ji Yong. He is the leader of Big Bang and he goes by the name of Gd or G Dragon. (IDOL CHALLENGE: 1:POST PIC, GIF, VIDEO OF UR IDOL 2: WRITE TITLE AND IDOL CHALLENGE AT TOP 3:TAG ME IN UR POST 4: DESCIBE WHO IS IN UR PIC, GIF, OR VIDEO OF UR IDOL 5:HAVE FUN AND COMMENT IN THIS POST DONE WHEN UR THROUGH!
@B1A4BTSTever ok!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
ohhhh im doing mine right away
ooooohhhhhh~ kay~