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Do any of you have this overwhelming fear that you will get in an accident, pass out, or just need immediate medical attention and no one can figure out who to call, your blood type, medications you are allergic to, or even your name! That might seem a bit dramatic but if you leave the house without your wallet, that could take some serious time to work out!!
Maybe its all of the medical shows or just having a best friend who is a Nurse but either way, its a serious fear that everyone should think about.
Apple has added a new, free addition to their Health App, (you know the app no one ever touches), that will save lives and time when trying to provide quick and efficient care. The new section called Medical ID, will enable first responders to have access to important cliff notes of your medical history at the click of a button.
Located at bottom left after you click emergency on the lock screen Medical ID enables you to add your picture, emergency contacts, blood type, current medications (birth control counts ladies), current medical issues, allergies, organ donor status, weight and height.

It takes 3 seconds to fill out and can actually save your life.

Every single nursing student I follow on social media is sharing this new addition EVERYWHERE. So please take a minute of your day to set this up, it will save time for your medical team, and may just save your life.
Hmm. I'll have to look at this. How safe is it to have all this in there? I have narcolepsy, so I wear a band telling people that, just in case. I take medicines to regulate when I am awake (HAHA! Pfft.) so that I can do things like driving, etc. Something like this would be brilliant... If safe. I'll have to pull together my super nerds. Lol.
Thanks for this little life hack @LizArnone! It’s so important to take care of yourself like that!
This is actually brilliant considering the fact that so many people lock their phones these days! It will also speed up the treatment process if they have immediate access to these important medical information!
@ButterflyBlu it's very safe because it only have like cliff notes version of your medial history!! Just the bare minimum so that in an emergency your ICE people will be contacted and they will know what meds you are on and what you shouldn't be given and stuff!! It doesn't go into real detail because all of that can be found in your actual file !
Hmm, I don't know, @candyland1986, but I can look it up and see if the app is compatible. I know sometimes they make the apps for both. When I spoke to my brother about this last night, he was all about the app. He already has it. (Not that I don't trust you, @LizArnone!!) He's diabetic and already has all of his information on his phone now. He told me to go ahead. (fwiw ^.^)
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