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This is a great idea if you want to make a keepsake from places you have visited! This DIY tutorial comes from Popsugar.


For this project, you will need paper maps (of any city that you want), 4x4 tiles (you can find these at a craft or hardware store), a pencil, Mod Podge (can also be found at a craft store), scissors, paint brush and clear sealant spray.

Prepare the tiles

Cut the maps to fit onto the 4x4 tiles. You can do this easily by tracing the tile onto the map and then cutting it out. Paint Mod Podge on the top of each 4x4 tile. Immediately, place the map cutout on the tile and press down to make sure the entire map will be glued onto the tile.

Keep painting

Paint another layer of Mod Podge on the top of the map to seal the piece of map onto the tiles. Set the tiles aside to dry for at least an hour.

Seal the coasters

Use the clear sealant spray to seal the coasters so that they will be waterproof and will not fade. Make sure to do this outside or in an area with good ventilation.

Now, you have a chic set of coasters to remind you of where you have been and the great memories you made there!

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