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Netflix and chill [v.] - when the opposite sex asks you to come over to their place to engage in sexual activity. This is some what similar to a Booty Call, but misleading.
The days of enjoying a movie in the comfort of your house with the company of the opposite sex are long gone thanks to social media. Don't be so quick to judge one person based on the actions of others, but it's no secret that when a guy asks you to come over to chill and enjoy a movie on Netflix that the movie will actually end up watching you [at least that's what he thinks]. Before you're tricked into what we like to call "game", be smart and make sure the guy you're dealing with is actually interested in getting to know you for you.
Nowadays, guys have a sneaky way of inviting a girl over and making things seem normal until he goes in for the kill [you get my drift]. Stray far away from those guys [not all guys], they're no good. That's why it's best that you don't make yourself available or invite anyone over [vice versa] until you have gone on several outings in the public. Whatever happened to a nice walk in the park, dinner or even a date to the museum? I guess "Netflix and chill" is what guys think of as the norm date these days, but watching a movie on Netflix is the furthest from a date.
The video [as seen above] shows two guys doing a social experiment on their college campus asking random people if they're interested in "Netflix and chill". It's a little lengthy, but worth a watch. Give it a watch and let me know what you think below.

Ladies, how would you address a guy who ask you if you're down to "netflix and chill"? Fellas, you can chime in also.

that's exactly what i thought until social media had to put their own twist on it. social media and the Internet always has a way of ruining things that are meant to be pure lol smh @buddyesd @mchlyang @Taijiotter
I've honestly never heard of this before. I mean, if anyone asked me to "Netflix and chill" i would honestly thing that they wanted to hang out and get to know me by watching some movies together.
The video was so funny. The one where he asks the girl with her parents...HAHAHAHA
This is totally a real thing you guys. When somebody asks if you wanna come over and watch a movie... it's not a movie on the agenda. Lol. But it's not always necessarily a bad thing! You just gotta know the lingo, then you can decide if that kind of "chilling" is what you're looking for
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