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Yasssss the day that I have been waiting for... my bias' day in the spotlight.... OMG how do I only pick 10 pictures.... OMG I cry ~T_T~

OMG watch him kill my soul
He's playing with my feels OMG
Only person who can wear flowers and still kill me ::>_<::
.....*dying * I think I forgot how to breath
Lol he can't keep his hands still
Forgot his lyrics Lmao
ugh Ravi kills..... I think my life span shortened bc of this card... omg can we just sit here for a minute to watch the perfection above.... I might need to be revived later on.... hope you enjoyed, until tmm 。^‿^。
@netchtiBates What show are you going to? I am flying to California for the Anaheim show. First Bigbang/Kpop concert for me!
nope, but I will in October @Tigerlily84
@netchtiBates you have good taste. lol! Have you seen Bigbang live?
@netchtiBates lol! I feel the same way about T.O.P and D.O. lol
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