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Sam Smith has us all flared up to hear the new James Bond theme song.

I think we are all excited for two reasons: Sam Smith is an amazing artist and there have been some AMAZING Bond theme songs in the past.
The bar is set pretty high on this one, so Smith better come correct. For those who aren't too hip (or those diehard Bond fans that what to vibe to some cool tunes) below are the list of the top five James Bond theme songs of all time.
Oh and Sam, don't let us down.
Sheryl Crow – “Tomorrow Never Dies”
Sheryl holds a special place in my heart for this one. Many were used to a happier Sheryl and she mixed it up to give this track some edge. I loved it. This one is a cult classic in the hip-hop community as well as Kanye West sampled it for his huge single "Diamonds Are Forever."
Tina Turner – “Golden Eye”
Written by Bono and the Edge, there’s a perfect amount of suspense delivered via the strong vocals of Turner on this song. While this one is slept on by many casual bond fans, a diehard knows this is one of the classic cuts of all time.
Paul McCartney – “Live And Let Die”

Can you ever go wrong with "Do It All Paul?"

Many consider this one the most popular Bond theme song of all time due the overall awesomeness of the track. This one has larger than life production, but is a bit too happy for my taste for a Bond movie. Nonetheless still worth streaming.
Adele – “Skyfall”

Adele was the PERFECT voice for the James Bond series.. but then again, have we ever heard Adele let loose a dud?

The lyrics, production and her passionate voice meshed to create a classic for Bond. At the moment the song had been viewed 134 million times, and I still wonder if that number of streams is doing the song justice.
Shirley Bassey – “Goldfinger”
Sultry Shirley delivered a classic for Bond in the cold winter months of 1964. The song is as anthemic of a movie theme as you’ll ever hear, and set the tone as "the" soundtrack for bond. Countless artists have chased this one and all have fallen short.