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Thank you @RosePark for this {TT} challenge! I chose Shuu Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul because he is the most creepiest character I could think of that I've ever seen in an anime mostly because I've only seen about 2 scary/ horror animes this one included.
This video has some clips showing his creepy personality, and his obsession with Kaneki. He loves Kaneki's scent and wants to eat him. He keeps a handkerchief with Kaneki's blood on it with him all the time. The creepiest thing he does is smell the handkerchief over and over.
Overall I think this is the creepiest and scariest anime character. He gives me nightmares and also makes me want to look away from the screen when he pulls out that handkerchief! >..<
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I couldn't even watch the video without cringing T_T. He's so creepy lol!
yeah I felt the same everytime I watched him :S
Creepy, but a very interesting character...
He's like a creepier version of Grell. Me don't like him. Me like Grell......:p
All I could think about when he's sniffing the handkerchief is, "If you keep inhaling that hard you're going to pass out..." But yeah he's a straight up freak.