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Like any culture or movement, in order to be active and relevant, you must be fluent in the movements lingo or slang.

No culture is driven by its slang like hip-hop. Music is a pivotal part of the movement, and that portion is guided heavy by slang.
The terms are ever-changing, but still important. Below are some of the coolest slang terms used currently and in the past in hip-hop. Do yourself a favor and get hip to the lingo or prepare to standout like a sore thumb.
Term: Bling Bling
Associated With: The Hot Boys, Big Tymers, Lil Wayne
Meaning: Having shiny jewelry and diamonds
Term: Iced/Icy
Associated With: Gucci Mane, Jeezy, Southern hip-hop
Meaning: Wearing diamonds, looking fresh
Term: Scrub
Associated With: TLC, for the most part
Meaning: Someone who doesn't have their shit together, is grimy, is unworthy of your attention
Term: Crunk
Associated With: Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz, Three 6 Mafia, Crime Mob
Meaning: Getting fucked up; depending on the interpretation, being both drunk and high at the same time
Term: Dun
Associated With: Mobb Deep, Queensbridge
Meaning: "Son," based on a speech impediment that Prodigy and Havoc's friend "Bumpy" had where every "s" sounded like a "d"
hahahaha bling bling seems so old school
scrub is old but it's making a comeback