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First dates can be super awkward.

You're both nervous [even if one is showing it more than the other] and neither one of you want to make a bad impression. The harder you try to be yourself, the easier it is to slip up and say something silly or do something out of the ordinary. You both forget to relax and the awkwardness is in full fledge mode. You're not sure if he's attracted to you and vice versa, so that makes it all the more difficult to just relax and enjoy the date. Part of you wants to leave and call it a night, but the other part of you hopes and prays that the date turns around for the best.
We've all had at least one super awkward date and if you haven't had one yet, don't worry it's bound to happen. But until your time comes, you can check out these gifs to give you an idea of just how awkward first dates can be.

When he picks you up and he's dressed up and you decided to wear jeans.

When they're constantly talking and you're ready to eat.

When he takes you to an expensive restaurant and the prices blow you away, but you're not even paying.

When you think you're absolutely hilarious, but they haven't laughed once.

When he makes inappropriate sexual innuendos while eating.

When his conversation is basic and dry.

Talk about a disaster date.

Serious awkward moment.
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never Been on one
Umm ok thanks
Awww, all dads are that way lol but in due time 鈽猴笍馃 no rush! @AleciaReedy
a date my dad scares guys away and I'm in my 20's now
A date or an awkward date? @AleciaReedy