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Flummoxed about what to drink away the HOT WEATHER OF FALL?!?!!?!
Maybe you're looking for something Winter cold, in liquid form, with a summertime vibe, a Southern fruit, and an alcoholic that tastes of Fall. That's where this drink is going to take you. It's the Peaches & Whiskey Ice Cream Float. And for those who are workaholics and want to participate, check out the Coffee Ice Cream Float by @DarcyDashwood!

Peaches & Whiskey Ice Cream Float

peach purée*
cream soda
vanilla ice cream
*To make your peach purée, just blend up one peach (core removed) in a blender (use a tiny bit of water if you need liquid to help it blend). Remember, always use fresh ingredients. Click here to see why.
In a mug, combine two tablespoons peach purée, 1 1/2 ounces whiskey, and fill close to the top with cream soda, leaving room for one scoop ice cream. Mix the ingredients with a spoon. Add one scoop vanilla ice cream and sprinkle with a pinch of cinnamon.
When you make this recipe-for-one liquid dessert, make it extra special by putting in an old fashioned malt glass. That makes it a whole lot more enjoyable. Watch everyone's jealous face, who's watching you at the beach resort, as you slurp and spoon this imbibery goodness!
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