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Probably the rest of the month and year will be packed with debuts ,comebacks, slowly dying my poor fangirl heart
The teaser with all the members is too much TuT im seriously very excited !!!
Lovelys comeback !!! Personally i really enjoyed candy jelly love so now im super excited for this comeback
JYP needs to chill so first debuts Day6 out of no where and now suddenly decides to release a new G.Soul song i wasnt readt it was to beautiful !!! definitely on replay
Well as expected i died what the f you doing to me seventeen like can yall calm down!!?? Gosh its hard for me to keep track of my biases cuz rn im lost in the diamond life!
Ugh......Up10tion yep as expected i knew i was going to die it was SPECTACULAR !! i cant wait to listen to the full album im a die but oh well now on to joining a new fandom
kangnam !!!! ugh i loved it!