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i saw @BrianaJohnson card My baby Daddy and my 3 kids (IDOL CHALLENGE) ( http://www.vingle.net/posts/1050570?shsrc=v ) which is her family her husband and 3 kids hahaha.......anyways i was saw it and was like im so doing this.....hopefully i do it right :)
thats my husband taehyung with our son jihyung awwwahhhhhh.......jihyung is playing with his tablet till his daddy called him to give him a kisss awwahhh....my babies <3
this was really fun hope you guy do it as well......if you do make sure to tag @BrianaJohnson IDOL CHALLENGE RULES: 1:POST PIC, GIF, VIDEO OF UR IDOL 2: WRITE TITLE AND IDOL CHALLENGE AT TOP 3:TAG ME IN UR POST 4: DESCIBE WHO IS IN UR PIC, GIF, OR VIDEO OF UR IDOL 5:HAVE FUN AND COMMENT IN THIS POST DONE WHEN UR THROUGH! hope you have fun love you guys bye bye <3 :[]
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@nykechun thank you @Emealia thank you and ooo i cant wait to see it
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Okay mines finished @B1A4BTS5ever
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awhhh. this is so cute! when i have the chance I'm so doing this~
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@kimleekwonshin thank you and i cant wait to see yours :)
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