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Everyone is talking about Stephen Colbert, but don't fool yourself: Jimmy Fallon is the king of late night tv.

Last night Jimmy flexed his chops by bringing out Justin Timberlake as a surprise special guest. If bringing out JT to chill wasn't enough, the dynamic duo teamed up to teach the masses about rap with a clever karoke performance.
Fallon is HILARIOUS during his skit with JT last night.
The duo let loose classics from LL Cool J to Bone Thugs... even an R Kelly remix thrown in for good measure.

While Colbert hit the ground running during his first week on Late Night, I don't see him winning the ratings battle in the long run. What about you?

I absolutely love the Fallon-Timberlake combo!
How did they get through five History of Rap medleys WITHOUT "Fight The Power"???
Jimmy Fallon is the KING of late night TV! He is so funny !!!! And him and justin together actually make me die laughing!