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Everyone is talking about Stephen Colbert, but don't fool yourself: Jimmy Fallon is the king of late night tv.

Last night Jimmy flexed his chops by bringing out Justin Timberlake as a surprise special guest. If bringing out JT to chill wasn't enough, the dynamic duo teamed up to teach the masses about rap with a clever karoke performance.
Fallon is HILARIOUS during his skit with JT last night.
The duo let loose classics from LL Cool J to Bone Thugs... even an R Kelly remix thrown in for good measure.

While Colbert hit the ground running during his first week on Late Night, I don't see him winning the ratings battle in the long run. What about you?

I absolutely love the Fallon-Timberlake combo!
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Jimmy Fallon is the KING of late night TV! He is so funny !!!! And him and justin together actually make me die laughing!
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How did they get through five History of Rap medleys WITHOUT "Fight The Power"???
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