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Hello! I just joined Vingle yesterday. So a little bit about me: My name is Destiny, I live in Tennessee, and I love KPop and KDramas! (no one around here does they all like country).
One of my favorite groups is BTS! Suga is my bias.
My other favorite group is B.A.P Jongup is my ultimate bias! :)
I hope I can make lots of new friends that also like KPop and KDramas.
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@destiny1419 don't worry I am really akward too!ㅋㅋㅋ if you want to talk you can message me on here or check out one of my social media cards to find be~ them we can talk and fangirl together!!!!!
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Hi!!!! Hope you have fun here!!!! oh and I'll be one of your friends too!!!!
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welcome to vingle!! 。^‿^。💗
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Yay more friends!! Everybody is so nice :)
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Welcome! Vingle is a place where you basically can never get out. Haha, but its ok, well make you feel like home :)
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