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His smile is so killer -- how can you be upset after seeing his cute giggle?
He can go from damn sexy... the cutest squishy ever found.
Plus we can't ignore how close I was to buying a $1,000Xn purse because it would look so good if he was giving me it.
EXO just wouldn't be complete without him. it was so hard to choose a bias in this group -- but after watching exo showtime, a billion interviews, practically every music a thousand times, and listening to his holy vocal cords every day, D.O just seems so perfect.
He is just too cute and has a wickedly amazing voice. The pic of him in white standing against the wall is the background on my tablet. Love it !
true without D.O, EXO wouldn't be the same , because I think he's the angel from the group.
How can one man be SO SQUISHY!?