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While sports, in it's purest form when watched is a work of art, the commentary delivered during the events breathe new life into already vibrant moments.

ESPN, better than anyone else can appreciate the importance of top notch sports commentary. In an effort to share some great moments in sports with people who aren't diehard fans, ESPN has linked with numerous celebrities from different walks of life to deliver play by play rewinds of classic moments.
The first one up is Lil Wayne!
Wayne’s sports fandom is no secret. He’s dedicated interludes on his most famous mixtapes to talking about Sportscenter; he’s even made a song in support of a Green Bay Packers playoff run.
Lil Wayne delivers the classic lines with his unique brand of humor via adlibs. Who do you guys want to see apart of play by play rewinds next?
And it sounds terrible man hahaha
He was definitely high when he shot that vid........