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School has tired me out so beyond my limits. I had a bio test the first day, and my history teacher is giving us 30 pages of textbook reading + notes and we have an in class essay tomorrow. I have so much bio work and everything just everything is killing me. I have only one free everyday and that's my lunch free. I have a one hour commute to school which isn't the worst but hence I can't study at school. the humid weather is just killing me too. I would watch some kpop vids and fan girl over beast but I really just don't have the time anymore I just gaze longingly at the posters on my walls... it'll get better, school will. sighs its just a lot of stress right now and I'm worried I might have to drop a class to get through this year.
How is school for you guys??? And do you have any tips on how to relax and feel less stressed??? Thanks guys!!!
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that must be nice -_- haha. yeeeaaaa my teachers rarely give out h.w, but its worth a crazy amount of points so that you don't skip on it -_-. I guess the positive is that its rare
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I miss school
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@DetkaN I think I'll miss it too when I'm out
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@tayunnie yeah u will. it's been a while for me. I never was the study person but when I had to study I did. so I miss the study park and friends too lol
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@DetkaN yea πŸ˜• gotta have fun in school but I gotta study too
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