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Time for the next round of MR removed competitions! Dancing excitedly while singing can be a difficult combination to pull off. Depending on the choreography and the song, some idols show off their talent in MR removed while others falter if things are too challenging. Check out these dance tracks below and decide for yourself at the end which artist was the best live singer based on the MR removed videos! (*Note: only ones with dancing were chosen and ones that were recently promoted or currently being promoted. Options were limited depending on the availability of MR removed videos, and there are no repeats from previous mr removed articles. For newer tracks, wait for the next mr removed article.) VOTE HERE:
Girls' Generation "Lion Heart"
2EYES "Pippi"
Wanna.B "Attention"
myB "My Oh My"
April "Dream Candy"
VIXX LR "Beautiful Liar"
T-ara "So Crazy"
Hello Venus "I'm Ill"
B2ST "YeY"
SONAMOO "Cushion"
Wonder Girls "I Feel You"
HyunA "Roll Deep"
SHINee "Married to the Music"
B1A4 "Sweet Girl"