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If you would've asked me to go thrifting with you a couple years ago, I would've laughed at you.

Like many people, I associated thrift stores with old, dirty clothes that people no longer wanted. I had been to a few antique shops growing up and the smell inside always made me itch, I figured thrift stores couldn't be too different. I went to my first thrift store when I was in college.
Blazers were really popular when I was in college and every single time I asked someone where they purchased their blazer, they would immediately say the thrift store with a smile. I soon after gave in and made my first trip to the thrift store. I was right about the smell, but I was so wrong about the clothing. There were so many pieces that still had tags on them and I realized, thrifting wasn't too bad after all. Have the luxury of purchasing something new or vintage for an amazing price made my heart and my pockets smile.
It had been a year or so since I made a trip to the thrift, but last weekend I decided to make a quick trip while running some errands. I wasn't going with intentions of purchasing anything in particular, but let me tell you -- I definitely left with some amazing treats.
When you go into a thrift store and leave with:
[two amazing flannel shirts]
[a pair of boyfriend jeans from ON]
and heres the best part, *drumroll please*
[an ankle length Anne Klein camel coat]
You can't help but be happy when you go somewhere and leave with pieces that will take you near and far. If you've never thrifted and would love to give it a try [despite the stereotypes], allow me to give you a three essential tips to follow when doing so below.

Tip #1: Grab a friend to accompany you. The more the merrier.

Having the opportunity to get someones opinion is always good.

Tip #2: Focus on what you're looking for specifically.

If you're looking for shoes, look for shoes. If you're looking for clothes, make your way to the clothes section. Not shopping for specific items will cause you to overspend on items that you more than likely won't wear more than once -- or never.

Tip #3: Bring a set amount of money.

Taking only a set amount of money inside with you while thrifting will ensure that you won't overspend and go over budget.

Tip #4: Come with time allotted to shop.

Thrifting is not a process that should be rushed. Take your time and make sure you go when you have enough time to spend.

Tip #5: Make sure you dry clean your items after purchasing.

As you would any second hand clothing items, washing is a must. Although you can wash the items in the comfort of your home, I always take my thrifted items to the dry cleaners just to ensure they get completely cleaned.

Are you ready for a thrifting adventure?

Get ready to pop some tags.
I LOVE shopping at thrift stores. I found some of my favorite pieces at them, and people are floored when you tell them where you got it. it’s a treasure hunt!
exactly!! same here. it's def a great experience and i love the fact that you compared it to a treasure hunt @nicolejb