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Meet my hubby...Dong Young Bae We're coming clean with our secret life and he's not exactly thrilled...sorry honey
Back stage with Se7en, I need to teach him how to hold a kid but then again our little Sun may have just wanted his daddy or sister Dong Dal Yi just doesn't like looking at the camera either but who could resist looking at the beautiful man I married.
Sun likes to be stylish like his father and Bae takes care of our little ones even while working
He got that body I got that body So we made somebody... ...well we made two somebodies but still
Welp, he's got to get back to work and I've got children to care for. @B1A4BTS5ever @BrianaJohnson hope I did this right
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@Emealia hahahaha i love ots its so cool
Also I had to keep myself from laughing as I made this because my actual husband was sitting in front of me XD