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I'm new!!!! (Not really...)
Hi everyone!!!! I've had vingle for a few months, but I didn't post anything because I felt like I wasn't a big fan to kpop and I was too shy.
So as you can see, I'm in love with Got7!!!! And JB is my bias. :D
I like all the groups that start with b XD. like Btob, bts, b1a4, bap, big bang, etc. I also like vixx, teentop, exo, kara, t-ara, snsd, and the new group day6.
I'm in love with kpop and k dramas. I'm slowly learning more and more korean everday.
I feel so happy that I decided to join this community. While riding the bus and looking at new posts, the bus almost went past my stop, this community is so addicting XD. I will try to post more now. K bai. :P
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