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So, who is everyone's bias in Bangtan?
I wanna get to know you all :D (and yeah.. the jimin is awkward and thrown in but I needed something there lol)
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I feel like we are all gonna get along just fiiine!!! ❤ suga is such a cutie patootie and jungkookie!? omgggggg golden maknae for sure! and jimini! so cuuuute! as you may have found out I am a hardcore hobi Stan!!!!! ❤❤❤
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J-Hope! He's such a silly cutie pie. (づ• ̄ ³ ̄•)づ
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Kookieeeeeee he is heart eyes emoji
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I don't have one lol does all of them count? I can't choose... help
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Suga :)
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