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This Fall many past trends are returning. I have to say that I'm very pleased with this. It's starting to get cooler outside in most places, while some places are getting hotter. On this card I'll show some fashion trends for this Fall that I've seen.
COATS Lately I've definitely noticed coats/jackets are a big deal for this Fall. There are tons of styles to choose from. What coat/jacket you wear should depend on the type of weather you have where you live. Oversized jackets/coats are most definitely in style. I noticed the trend when I went to go eat one day. Now, I usually eat at places that are rather fancy, but I really never noticed that even the girls especially are wearing pea coats. Pea coats are nice, to me, because the one I have has a nice silky inside to it, and I think that feels great during warmer weather.
BAGGY CLOTHES I've also seen and read a lot about baggy clothes being a really nice type of casual wear to wear around. Although, this one is on the casual side so it wouldn't be best to wear it to a job interview or anything like a formal event. Although, it depends on the event.
So what are your clothing plans for this Fall? Anything grand? Casual? Disclaimer: I don't own any of the pictures posted on this card.
Love both of these trends!! Looking forward to the weather breaking so I can pull out my jackets.
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I am a sucker for a good trench coat! Glad to see the style is still in season this fall. I'm in love with this card. WANT ALL OF THE THINGS!
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