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My heart is a flower which you bloomed Like a deer, your lovely essence, to me is glued I've drown myself into deep depths To gain these wings of love to fly great lengths To your melancholy voice, like a peacock my heart dances And I have open my arms just like feathers in rain for all chances Watching an angel swirl with her enchanting aroma The monster inside learns to breathe and builds his persona Taking the courage not to jeopardise the only way As the stars above doesn't fall for true loves each day This sky is full of colourful wings but only one monster is to fly As now my heart is free to pop and rise with the angel up so high The time to ripe the flower into fruit is into existence As the deer has finally understood the source of exquisite fragrance As this song will reach the downing horizon We, my love, shall then become one As my satanic soul is bowing in front of your jesus So that even he can watch the making of us Together we can show that angels doesn't only reside in heavens And monsters aren't only made out in the opens The truth lies deep within our hearts Just your love is all I need and we'd never be apart This tale of ours will not come to aghast As my delilah, I won't let go the magic you cast My heart was a flower which now shine so bright And the wolf inside me cries for the moon to cast upon some light And I can fill my gaps with yours just like my memories So that my blood flows being our own lovely reveries Just to love you my angel till the end And succumb this monster inside myself for you to fend In a heartbeat I will burn my body in ashes And my heart will rise again to love from the crash This is no goodbye, just a new morning As for you my love, my heart is beating
What a beautiful series of couplets. I really feel the melancholy in this. It reminds me a lot of a song, very melodic. Wonderful I'd love to see more :)
Interesting use of rhyme! I really like this subject matter. :)