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Do they answer all of our questions?

Probably not. Though one scene does expand on the much-discussed 'Graduation' scene, and we do get some more details on the plot holes we've all noticed, there's not much new information to sort through. We've known for a while that AoU was much longer than the final cut, and Whedon himself has attributed some of the complaints regarding the plot of the film to extensive cuts. While these scenes don't really address any of the problems fans have, they do tell us a little bit more about what the intention for the film might have been.

If you haven't seen these yet, they're worth checking out.

Fair warning: [SPOILERS] ahead!

"He says you need to come."


"The Iron Man."

The writing in this scene is classic Whedon. Pietro is handing out medicine and supplies to the people in Sokovia just before the scene where the twins encounter Ultron for the first time. Wanda chastises him, telling him that if he keeps stealing, he's going to be shot. There's some foreshadowing for you.

Cap: "If I thought Ultron were bringing peace I'd hang up my shield."

Maria Hill asks the question we all have: "Would you?"
I don't think anyone is surprised that Cap doesn't have an answer.

Barton: "That's a negative. I answer to you. Yes ma'am."

This is sort of a funny aside, but it makes sense that it was cut. Steve overhears Clint talking to someone on the phone, and it's set up to imply he's taking orders from someone else. Clint's 'I-barely-tried' cover is a shrug and a muttered "girlfriend". While this scene is obviously a set-up for the family/farmhouse reveal later on, this doesn't seem like the kind of thing Steve would let go, murderous robot at large or not.


I know, we saw him during the fight. But this is a nice setup. And weirdly enough this seems like the groundwork for Civil war, since Rhodey, Toney, and Natasha will all be on the same side.
"You hear something we need to hear it too." "That goes both ways. Watch your six." "You too."
While the lines sound kind of gruff, they're delivered with warmth. Since they're going to be fighting on the same side in the next film, this kind of rapport really does need to be established.
We also (sort of) find out why Heimdall hasn't been able to help them find Ultron. "Either he's been ordered away from his post or he's been told not to answer." Not exactly the best way to fill a plot hole, but at least they tried. And then they cut the scene.

Meanwhile, on the farm.

Natasha is remembering the flashbacks Wanda triggered. Bruce is doing the same. So there are some cinematic parallels right before that scene we all hated.
N: "I had this dream put into my head. The kind that seems normal at the time... that I was an Avenger. That I was more than what they made me."
B: "I think you're being hard on yourself."
N: "And here I was hoping that was your job."
B: "What are you doing?"
N: "I'm running with it... with you."
That's almost romantic.
N: "We keep moving. And we don't play circle of life, we just play."
Okay then.

More shirtless Thor.

If that's your thing, I'm so sorry it was all cut from the film. If that's not your thing, you might still be interested in the scene that transpired.
S: "I thought the Norn was in Asguard."
T: "In every realm there's a reflection."
Makes sense. And it's good to know there was at least an attempt at explanation in the original draft of the film. We find out that Thor is sacrificing his life force so that Selvig can speak to the Norn. Which seems like a nice thing to do.
"How do we stop Ultron?"
"Sacrifice! Human of course."
More foreshadowing, though this feels a little heavy-handed. They also set up the infinity stones plot for the next films. So now we all know why Thor was so confident about there being six of them. Still no Loki though. So... are there still more deleted scenes floating around out there?

It seems like a few plot details did get left behind on the cutting room floor.

It was nice to find out that some of the questions that have been up in the air were originally part of the script. Overall though, it makes sense that these scenes were pulled. The movie was incredibly long, and those plot holes felt very small in comparison to the huge lack of continuity between this film and the last one.
these are pretty coool to have, yeah. I think "nifty" is the best word. but dear GOD, that video is super frustrating to try and watch. you did us a favor by taking screengrabs instead, so thanks!
@LadyExperiment lol I might be that jerk that wants like... several versions of this movie
I want an extended, directors cut, etc movie of all of this put into one movie
@shannonl5 nope they don't address our concerns and to be honest it just seems like they just add more questions than answers. they are nifty especially the shirtless thor but not enough to quell my disdain for the lack of character growth
knew I saw the movie n I was like missing details!!!
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