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Hello. ^^ 안녕하세요. ^^ So, today was my first day of school. (I'm a Junior! Yay!) It went pretty well. ^^
In English class, we had to do this activity where we choose a shape that best describes us. The choices were: • Circle • Triangle • Square • Squiggly line
Here is what I wrote: "The shape that best describes me is a squiggly line because I am very weird and outgoing. I have a wide variety of interests. I like to listen to K-Pop and J-Pop, I like to watch Anime, I love Korean/Japanese fashion, and I love Asian culture."
Of course, they asked, "What's K-Pop/J-Pop?" I simply told them, "Korean music and Japanese music."
I thought everyone was going to be shocked and make a big deal of it, but to my surprise, they said, "That's pretty cool." I told them about how I am learning Japanese and Korean, how I plan on studying abroad in Japan or South Korea.
I know that there are K-Pop fans who keep their interests to themselves.
They're afraid of what other people will think of them.
My advice to you is, don't care about what other people think. Just be YOU!
It's okay to be different. It's okay to be unique. You never know, many other people might have the same interests as you do.
I've hid my interest in K-Pop for years. Since I was in 7th grade actually.
I thought people would bully me. I thought my friends wouldn't want to be my friends anymore.
What I did today, was huge for me. I actually built up enough courage to let everyone know the REAL me.
So always be yourself.
Make new friends.
Live freely.
Don't ever be afraid to show people the real you.
You never know how many cool people you can meet.
Be you! ❤️❤️❤️
Yay I'm a junior too!~ Then also today I'll be telling my English 11 class that I like K-Pop/J-Pop. I'm not worried though because most people already know me to like manga and anime. It's my fourth day of school and I'm convinced that most of the K-Poppers/J-poppers are hiding themselves. I don't see any and I wore my BIGBANG MADE jacket and no one. I won't give up though. I'll find someone. Then sadly my hyung who introduced me to K-Pop may not be here anymore but I'll continue on.
Well said and good for you! People will either like you or not... its a fact that not everyone will... the important people will... its better to be disliked for who you are than liked for who you pretend to be...always be true to yourself because if you can't be how will you ever expect anyone else to be...always remember that the first 2 syllables of beautiful is "be you"
I'm a junior too!!! My first English assignment was a letter of self introduction!!! Of course I wrote about kpop!!! 😄😄😄
wow it's pretty cool that u have been hiding your Korean and japenese stuff secret since 7th grade and I am in 7th grade and I just started liking it and I am still afraid of telling a lot of people but I told my friends they don't care and when I told them I found out that one of my closest friends likes it too but I mean I am afraid to just go off and tell people cause I don't want people to think I'm weird expescially people I like aka boys but it will come out soon. I also wanna go to South Korea one day and study there I think it will be a amazing experience
awesome! that was kind of my friend when i first met her. she didnt talk much but when she showed my other friend kpop they started talking nonstop and then she showed me kpop in sixth grade and now in 7th i still love it from that day