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Drake posted some recent pictures on Instagram. I had to take a double look -- is that really Drake!? I still can't shake the image I have of him when he was in show Degrassi. He played a skinny guy in a wheelchair.
And now look at him --
All grown and shiiii.
Here's another photo that Drake posted. Hey Drake, I like your.......grunty face. I think I like Drake's new look. He's working hard, and it shows. From the beard, the hair, the muscles, to the fitted clothings, I'm diggin' it.

...The Only Con?

The powerlifter girl in me just wants to correct Drake's deadlift. But imma forgive you this time, Drake. You still cute.

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yes you def need to correct his form! hes gonna hurt his back if he continues to deadlift like that!
Can I just say that I really love Black people !
@karencorchado @mchlyang I wish I had the chance to even speak to him to correct his deadlift form lol.
@Kamiamon YES!!!!!!!!!
@alywoah I’m on board with correcting him. Tweet him a flattering yet subtitle message telling him the real way to deadlift. ;)