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So I haven't been able to post as much lately and I feel bad about it. But I Promise to work hard :)
The reason being because I'VE HAVE LOADS OF WORK TO DO !!
But I really don't feel like doing any of it....
At this point I'm literally trying to convince myself that various member of kpop group would just be proud of me if a did my work
Its sad but it the truth lol
But hey its whatever works right
How do you guys keep inspired??
I'm literally going though the same thing... 😒
Literally don't know how i get out of bed in the morning
is Seungri reading some fanfic.... And daesung #accurate I've only had three days of school and I'm exhausted HOW I KEEP MOTIVATED by asking if I can get beast merch if I achieve a certain score on testing or grades 😄😄 kpop is my motivation
self motivation?!?...dont know let me know when u know lol