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It was the best thing they never had.

Not everything is perfect for Queen B. Beyoncé and Jay Z are being kicked out of their $48 million home in Los Angeles with only 60 days to pick up and get out. Though the famous couple got the home for a whopping $35.5 million, it wasn't much less than the original asking price. The house is 16,000 square feet and was the childhood home of their daughter, Blue Ivy. However, it's no matter because the couple will surely buy something else equally as impressive to live in while on tour.
Renting for $200,000 a month in September 2014, the house claimed the title as the tenth most expensive home in LA. However, by February 2015, the house dipped down to only $150,000. There hasn't been any releases yet saying that the family has received relocations funds which I highly doubt they need in the first place. Earlier this year, they were dethroned as the wealthiest couple in the United States by Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. Yet, it doesn't matter because they're still loaded and extremely respected. And besides, she's still QUEEN.

No house is fit for a queen without the following:

- infinity pool
- wine cellar
- catering kitchen
- 75-foot long gallery for art
- two libraries
- a theater
- tennis court
- a view of LA
- fully furnished and customizable
- modern fireplaces
- chandeliers
- etc.

I put my love on top for this house.

Just every detail is perfect. I really love that the house is so modern but has an elegant feel. I'm not sure if I'd feel like I could touch anything but there is some sense of casualty. I really love the natural light found throughout the home. And I'm sure the decor is fit for the family's preferences but how they have it set up right now is absolutely impressive. I guess I wouldn't expect anything less though. I'm totally obsessed with the grass tennis court...

Would you live here?

@nicolejb I believe it was just because they were renting it out and then a buyer came in an offered full price on the home to buy instead of rent so they got to oust Beyoncé and Jay Z!
That’s nuts @cullenquigley! well, like you said. I’m sure they’ll find a better place in no time!
Do we know why? Like were they missing their payments or something?