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Disclaimer: This card has no association with Nelly's infamous Tipdrill lyric.

I decided to take my talents to the world of texting. As women although we don't mention it, I'm sure you have wondered at some point in time what men first notice when they see you for the first time. It's easy to put all men in a box and be super stereotypical thinking they would all notice something sexual, but the group of guys who came to my rescue proved me wrong. I was not only surprised at the responses, but a lot of guys seemed to notice the same thing.
Whether it was a woman's eyes or her hair -- the answers I received put a smile on my face. It's nice to know that some guys actually notice something worth noticing. If you're ever been even a wee bit curious about what the guy you're crushing on first noticed about you, it may just be one of the answers below.

It's pretty obvious that facial features win.

If you enjoyed this card, stay tuned for what women notice first on a man.
She devoured that mega, monstrous, colossus, burger!!! Just kidding. For me, if it's far: the dress and hair. Close and talking: eye and eyelashes
Hmmm. I don't know.
I'm definitely staying tuned!! This was really enlightening :)