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Heya, newies. I’ve been hanging out and having some really thoughtful discussions this week, and I’ve been LOVING it.

I’d like to leave for the weekend knowing your opinion on one issue I’m still struggling with. It’s a hot topic in the news this week, and I’m really interested to hear everyone’s perspective.

The Refugee Crisis

So here’s a wrap-up of what is happening.
With the release of some controversial images, and another ship capsizing in the Mediterranean, Europe and the rest of the world has seen the real gravity of the refugee crisis. Thousands of refugees from Syria (and other parts of the middle east) are looking for safety in Europe, and even as the migration is often dangerous and sometimes deadly, they often arrive in Europe and are turned away.
Leaders of the European Union are stepping up and creating plans to handle all of the 160,000 migrants and refugees. Some countries are all about it, namely Italy and Greece who have economic problems. But countries like Hungary and the Czech Republic are a bit overwhelmed already.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Should Europe willingly open their doors to thousands of people?

What if they are countries that are struggling themselves? Can they help and handle the thousands of people knocking on their doors?

I have allot to say about this subject, but most of all it sadden me to see that 70 years after World War II, Europe is still so much immersed in its sense of superiority.
Firstly, thanks for tagging me, feels good to know someone actually wants your opinion on something. I'd start off by saying that we are all humans and compassion should be within all of us, we should help and aid those in need without hesitation. The situation in Syria is very delicate due to the fact that they are in a war with a terrorist organization, so that itself raises a red flag when the immigration topic comes up, why? Simply because if they wanted to infiltrate terrorist, unchecked and unmanaged migration would be one of the easiest ways of doing so. So there's that side of me that is skeptical of how things will play out due to the fear that something tragical could happen in the countries that open their doors to the refugees. However, being an immigrant myself and knowing plenty of them, I will always side with helping my fellow human. I think that Europe should not have to be the one responsible for helping, there are plenty of other countries that should open their doors to them as well. In the end I believe most just want to go somewhere where they can be at peace, alongside their families, and hoping that the situation in Syria gets better so that one day they can return and rebuild their nation. It's heartbreaking to see what's going on and to see nations debate over whether they should help or not, this shouldn't be a debatable thing. I hope I worded everything well enough for everyone to understand my pov
With any immigration it's hard to denote just what the actuality of it is. But bottom line, this is a human rights issue that should be dealt with by everyone. We need to make channels available for all, whether it's in the US or European countries, there has to be a better plan in place that gives these people a place to go. Nobody deserves to live in a war zone, and with the rate of people gaining the courage to leave, I think it's essential to open the doors. Respectful, and open dialogue will really help. I'm no expert, but I believe in humanity and people helping one another, no matter how infrequently that actually happens.
I usually try to stay away from topics that I don't have any personal experience with, but over the course of my college years, I came acquainted with a Refugee from Syria, I tutored him in high school, taught him English. He'd say things about the early Syrian revolution (2010 ish) like "my friends are dying" and "I should be fighting" that really put things into perspective for me.
@TessStevens! That’s so cool that you could learn so much from your friend. I think you perfectly described most of my feelings on the issue. Yes, EU countries might be struggling, but they are much better off then countries like Syria that really need just to feel safe.
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