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[QQ CHALLENGE] Which Group Doesn't Get Enough Love?
So many groups are debuting these days that its easy for groups to go unnoticed - but so many of them are talented and deserve a ton of fans!

Which bands do you love that deserve a lot more love than they are getting right now!?

Leave you answers in the comments!

My group is:


They're SUPER talented, adorable, and from CUBE! They all play a billion instruments and are just awesome. Love them PLEASE.
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they become popular when they release these song like.
2 years ago·Reply
NU'EST. ;; I feel like my babies have never gotten enough love and their hoobae(s), Seventeen, have now debuted and they've like...vanished. ;; I know they went on tour in South America from what I remember and they've kind of been traveling around but it's been...too much time since they've had their last comeback. -cries-
2 years ago·Reply
I saw clc and I was like omg a cute girl group that's good. I hope they don't change
2 years ago·Reply
@SkyRollins SAME! I want to keep them away from sexy concepts :'''(
2 years ago·Reply
@kpopkimchi I totally agree, like some groups just don't look right in sexy and try to hard then lose popularity. I hope their like apink because apink says they won't ever do sexy
2 years ago·Reply