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So many groups are debuting these days that its easy for groups to go unnoticed - but so many of them are talented and deserve a ton of fans!

Which bands do you love that deserve a lot more love than they are getting right now!?

Leave you answers in the comments!

My group is:


They're SUPER talented, adorable, and from CUBE! They all play a billion instruments and are just awesome. Love them PLEASE.
Tritops, ZPZG, B.I.G, A-JAX, After School, AlphaBAT, The Ark, B.T.L, BESTie, Blast, Boys Republic, BTOB, C-Clown, ChoColat, CROSS GENE, DGNA, FIESTAR, GEEKS, G.I, Heart B, High4, History, HOTSHOT, JJCC, LABOUM, The Legend, Lukus, M.pire, MADTOWN, Melody Day, Minx, MYNAME, NU'EST, Offroad, Phantom, Purfles, Rania, Royal Pirates, Secret, SPEED, SPICA, Two X, UNIQ, Wonder Boyz, ZE:A, 4-Ten, 5URPRISE, 24K, & 100%...there are tons more but I can't think of any others :)
ZE:A!!! They were one of my first kpop groups and I've been with them from the beginning. I love their music but they are so underrated and one of them is enlisting to the military this fall already :(.
BTOB, ToppDogg, Red Velvet, Block B, LC9, SPICA, After School, C-Clown, Secret, Day6.
@tayunnie YO B1A4 WRITES SO MUCH OF THEIR OWN MUSIC THEY ARE AMAZING WHY ARE THEY NOT MEGA HUGE. and @jiggzy19 really likes SG Wannabe I think?? I need to listen to them more...
@StephanieDuong @baileykayleen @PrettieeEmm I feel so lame but I only know HIGH4 from their song with IU....
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