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There's something to be said for the random occurrences of beauty in this world. Lives bend and break when beauty is forgotten. On 9/11/01 it seemed as if that beauty would be gone forever.
But as people do, America rebuilt and citizens of New York City regained their faith that beauty would return.
A day before the 14th Anniversary of the heinous 9/11 attacks, a sign of beauty made itself known.
Onlookers captured a fantastic double rainbow emerging from the floor of Manhattan. A cosmic sign perhaps, that faith and beauty aren't lost on this nation or their inhabitants. Nobody could have predicted the 9/11 attacks, incidents that changed lives forever, but little pieces of comfort like this do a lot of good dealing with them.

The natural feat stretched over the top of Manhattan, making its towering buildings look almost half their size. People took photos and shared them in honor of those who lost their lives.

Not everyone believes in fate, but sometimes the universe gives us little guides that someone out there is watching out for us. Aside from any religious notion, there may be something to this. That the negativity and sadness of this world will some day be dealt with.
As simple as the scientific explanation for this could be, I think I'll go with the far fetched idea that there is hope. That something as small as waking up to a rainbow instead of rain could change lives, make people's days better and create another reason for us to be thankful for those who fight for us, and those we love.
I like this. I don't put much stock in higher powers, but when the planet tosses you a good sign or a rememberance, you take it.
yes i agree with @VinMcCarthy and it indeed is beautiful and comforting!
I don't either @VinMcCarthy but yeah, good signs...always comforting.
That's really beautiful. :)
touching....this is not coincidence. ..
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