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He turned 5 today. 5!! Yesterday he was an infant, what the hell!
I'm so sad, he's getting too big too fast!! His party is this Saturday (he wanted a Minecraft party) so today we didn't do much. I made him pancakes this morning before I went to work. He ran around with his aunt and got a haircut (the cut reminds me of the main guys haircut in Jekyll, Hyde, and I, so I like it a lot. My sister hates it lol), took him to Hastings when I got off where he picked out 3 Scooby-Doo movies and a play-doh set, took him to Braum's to get ice cream (where he ate his and mine lol), went to my dad's for dinner with him and his fiancé, then we went to the park where we met up with my sisters family and fed the ducks. Where he decided to look at the ducks.. and jump in the damn pond. SMH lol
This isn't K-Pop related but I'm sad and needed to share lol
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@PassTheSuga They really do!!! Time needs to slow the ef down FFS, this is not okay! 😭
@Emealia Thank you!! My phone sucks and I didn't see notifications so I'm sorry! But thank you very much xD
AWWWEEEE I feel your pain (╥_╥)(╥_╥)(╥_╥) They grow up SO FAST
Tell him happy birthday for me!