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Trying to catch up on them all have left me doing this and messed up my sleeping schedule lol Let's take a look at the Comebacks and Debuts for this month and next month!

Day 6

First of all Congratulations to them on their "Congratulations" debut!! You did an awesome job once again JYP! Hitting hard with a rock feel.

Red Velvet

"Dumb Dumb" MV and "The Red" album. Coming back with a weird doll catchy feel song!


If you like that sexy body rolling music go check out Jooyoung's new "Wet" MV! I've had it on replay for the fast few days! Expecially since I love Mad Clown and Jooyoung! ♡


Coming back with their mini album and "Mansae" MV! Putting in their unique personalities into this music video. By the way, they have a lot of members!


Lovely Ailee was working on her comeback but it has been pushed back and delayed due to an injury she had while she was at dance practice. Hope you get better soon Ailee! Don't overwork yourself! We'll be patiently waiting.


Working on their comeback "2gether " which should be released this month. If you haven't seen the teaser audio and you like rock bands I totally recommend you to hear it! It's very good! So Excited! ♡


The big moment everyone's been waiting for... well not everyone but mostly everyone. f(x) is finally working on their comeback to be released in October. Yes, they are missing a member but the remaining members promised something big. Looking forward for it because Amber is awesome!


Comeback in October with "Butterfly". I'm not their official fan but I am looking forward for this comeback due to their trailer. It has a brotherhood sad feel to it. Fighting!!


Okay Let's be honest! I do not know who they are but I heard they will have their comeback soon. If I'm wrong I apologize! Please don't scream at me! lol

Park Kyung

Block B's Park Kyung has announced that he will be making a solo this month featuring a female artist! Looking forward to it! ♡

Monsta X

I saved the best for last! My number 1 favorite Korean group. This week they came out with their 2nd mini album "Rush" which I love! I have been their fan since No Mercy & boy am I proud of them! They have been so busy since their debut and they have kept me so busy for these past few weeks! If you haven't seen their MV "Rush" please do so! I promise it won't disappoint. Plus I'm so excited for our fan name to be released this month and also Weekly Idol next week!
Talking about them! While I was making this card I got interrupted by V Live Naver notification saying they were on live so i had to go watch and my card ended up deleting everything when I came back :( So I had to start over! Oh well it happens :)

¤ Let me know who's comeback you're most excited about? If I missed anyone please let me know! ¤

Now back to watching my drama! Lol
Jooyoung's voice is amazing. I didn't even know about Luhan's until I seen your card a while ago! I was like Finally! lol & Oh yesss, bts butterfly prologue is so sad! I'm looking forward to it! For iKON it was just a warm up right? It was good.. but I needed something more upbeat but it will do for now. smh I know I seen UP10TION after I made this. For reals got7 again?? Just Right song/mv wowed me so much I'm still trying to recover from it lol I know right! So many!! Just in case I need to check out anymore I haven't watched I'll be sure to go on your profile!! Because your profile/cards are amazing! Thank you!
@AnnahiZaragoza yes! im really excited for luhans because the teaser is amazing and yeah I think its just a warm up the video/song was good but I mainly like it because of bobby and yes got7 again and I cant wait because just right was soo adorable lol I still havent stopped watching it so I know there new song is gonna be perfect and Thank you!
I seriously have had jooyoungs song on repeat since it came out that song is amazing. I know soo many comebacks and debuts! im really excited about Luhans comeback and bts even though they really didnt go anywhere haha but im really excited and ikon's mv came out today it was perfect and you missed one debut UP10TION debuted this week and Got7 has a new mv coming out the 18th I think , way too many to keep track of