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Everyone loves a good selfie. Even your parents.

Selfie's have taken over the world of social media. If you see a person out in public trying to act as if they aren't taking a selfie, more than likely they are. We have all been guilty of take a selfie at some point or another, some more than others [I'm guilty]. It's become a guilty pleasure for most people including couples -- and parents alike.
Take Emily Musson and her boyfriend, Johnny for example. They love taking selfies, but what couple doesn't? They don't take your typical couple selfies, they like to switch things up and make their selfies come alive. Not too long ago Emily uploaded a collage of her and her boyfriends selfies to social media. Not only did her friends notice the selfies, but her parents also noticed the collage as well and decided they would take matters into their own hands by recreating the photos of the couple. Emily's parents not only won social media's heart with their ever so hilariously clever photos, but they also didn't miss a beat when it came to their selfie recreations [see below].

Original photo collage of Emily and boyfriend, Johnny.

Recreated photo collage by Emily's amazing parents.

Emily tweeted the images to twitter and had no clue she would receive more than 30k retweets.

While speaking with Buzzfeed News, Emily said, “My dad is sort of conservative so it’s interesting she got him to participate.”
According to Emily, her parents have not yet met her boyfriend.
Well, he's in for quite a treat once they meet. Talk about cool parents.
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The girl is lucky to have these 2 cool parents, I can't even imagine my dad or my mom doing anything like this.