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Is This Captain Marvel?

Rumor has it that Marvel is eyeing Rebecca Ferguson for the role.

Word is she might already be in talks with the studio. We've been speculating for a while about who will be playing Captain Marvel (@DanRodriguez mentioned Bridget Fonda @MyNoahIsName picked Kate Mara and @ssantiago0911 @VinMcCarthy are on #teamRousey ). The film isn't due to be released for a few years (November 2018), but that doesn't mean fans aren't already excited!
You might recognize Ferguson from the most recent Mission Impossible movie, but aside from that the Swedish actress hasn't been in much. Which is Marvel's M.O. They pick up actors that have a few impressive credentials but no major roles to their name. This is partially because they don't want the preconceptions of the audience to alter the way they view the film.
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@buddyesd I could definitely see Rousey doing a great job with it. I was really surprised by Mission Impossible (I kind of didn't plan on seeing it) and I feel like this actress was the main reason I enjoyed it. I hadn't heard of her before and she did an amazing job. Ugh! If only we could have a movie with both of them!
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ngl the only thing I really know of her was from the x-men comics and how she's the reason that rogue got her strength and ability to fly. aside from that I don't know much. wow I'm such a bad nerd!!!!
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@purplem00n23 I don't think that makes you a bad nerd! She has kind of a weird history. The hero has had a few different women behind the mask... I'm pretty sure that during Civil War there were two of them (different women) and they were on opposite sides XD she's kind of cool. I really like the current one, Kamala Khan
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NOOOOOOO...Ronda Rousey is the only one I care to see! -_-
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@ssantiago0911 mmmyeah she'd do a really amazing job
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