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Sometimes you like rappers, maybe your thing is good dancers, the funny member, the one who doesn't talk (looks at all the Taekwoon fans lol)

What do all of your biases have in common?!

My biases are all people you don't expect to act cute...and then they pull out the aegyo plus they either are leaders or have a big leader-like role in the group. Also they tend to be shorter and *runs away screaming* THEY ALL HAVE NICE BUTTS!


What is similar about YOUR biases?

either they are 4D or they have a deep voice
Theyre all hot (._. )
hmmm all of my biases have cute butts. they're all also very pretty and cute in that slightly effeminate way but are also very masculine....hmm with GD and N they're the leader's... but with BBomb well everyone said he was like the leader of the BASTARZ subunit...OH! They're all very confident!!! they command and demand attention from the world, even my quiet BB. I think they're all kinda perverted they're just perfect that's why lol.
I forgot most of my bias have big ears too lol its soo weird but for some reason I find there ears so cute
I think all of mine aren't thought of as 'cute' but then do something to try and be cute.
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