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Sometimes you like rappers, maybe your thing is good dancers, the funny member, the one who doesn't talk (looks at all the Taekwoon fans lol)

What do all of your biases have in common?!

My biases are all people you don't expect to act cute...and then they pull out the aegyo plus they either are leaders or have a big leader-like role in the group. Also they tend to be shorter and *runs away screaming* THEY ALL HAVE NICE BUTTS!


What is similar about YOUR biases?

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most of mine are the main vocals. i like pwople who can sing...the other half is usually the rappers. i also seem to like the darker/quieter ones? and ive noticed i usually bias the international members(if the groups have them) like amber and jackson and tao before i know theyre not korean
I'm...not sure what my biases have in common... I think that I usually pick the odd one out? Like there's something about them that just makes it seem like their members like them but they're still some reason they distance themselves? I have no idea. Or maybe they're just not the popular one? I've honestly tried to figure this out before. I still don't know what it is they have in common. xD
I've noticed that I like the quietest and more serious ones of the groups. I've also seen that it is either the ones above oooorrrrrr the absolute opposite. ex... Leo of VIXX vs V of BTS
I realized that at least 3 of them are the maknaes of the group (Taemin, Seungri, Hyuk, Minzy). That being said, I think they're all great dancers. I'm a sucker for a dancer.
It's either the rapper or the funniest guy of the group lol.