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Hey Marvel Community!

A few of us have talked about this before, but I thought it might be nice if we all shared our stories together. What first got you into Marvel? Was it a character, a movie, a friend?

For me, it was Steve Rogers!

I liked X-Men a lot as a kid, but I don't really feel like I was a Marvel Fan until I started caring so much about Steve Rogers. I wrote a little about him this past weekend, but I thought I'd share my story here too:
Last year was actually really rough for me. I was stuck in a bad work situation and a lot of the people I cared about were struggling too. I decided to go to a small fan event nearby. I wasn't expecting to feel so welcomed and cared for. It was a Captain America themed event but I wasn't very knowledgeable about the character at all (oh my how things have changed). Everyone there was so friendly and passionate, and I ended up getting totally drawn into the fandom through them. And I made a bunch of cool new friends!
What was your 'initiation' into Marvel? Mine was pretty recent I think, but I bet lots of you have been around for a while! I'd love to hear your stories ^_^
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@shannonl5 The Submariner vs. Baron Blood. Changed my life!
@GeraldIngraham yes!!! Those comics were so great haha. If only Marvel hadn't sold the film rights to the characters we might actually have a Submariner movie if they hadn't
well, honestly, i watched the x men, fantastic four, xmen evolution tvshows as a kid on fox not having a clue about the comics. i've always been a big manga reader, so american comics *cough* DC *cough* were always to wordy to me. ut wasn't until I saw captain america first avenger that I really got to love comics. #sebastianstanasbuckyconvertedmebacktomarvel
@Krystalstar22 omg Sebastian Stan is INCREDIBLE so no wonder he converted you!!! He breaks my heart T_T but I keep going back for more. I watched the shows a lot too!! It was only later that I found out Marvel was close to bankrupt at the time haha. Clearly they've pulled it back around
@shannonl5 clearly. I love sebby stan. i thimk i'll watch winter soldier todsy. ;)