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So, I recently read an interesting article online saying Anthony Rizzo has a shot in becoming the 2015 National League MVP...?

Anthony Rizzo over Bryce Harper or Paul Goldschmidt? This guy's gotta be nuts!

Here is the list of top ten players with the highest WAR (wins above replacement) this season. He's not in the Top 3 and his batting average is sub .300. I mean he is having an impressive season, but is he really MVP-worthy?

First check out this article making a case for Rizzo.

So I want to hear some of my fellow Vingler baseball fans' opinions on this matter!

Personally, if the BBWAA do decide to give it to Rizzo for some reason, they have completely ignored the fact that it should be based on an individual's performance during the regular season.
@jeff4122 @christianmordi @ljk901023 What do you guys think?
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I love Rizzo, this is a guy that has really come together nicely for the Cubs. The team has been poor for awhile, and you have to give him a lot of credit for their turnaround.. I wouldnt be surprised if he grabbed a couple votes, or even finished 2nd behind Harper.. but Bryce gotta win that award, lol
@ljk901023 hahaha I love how you called him "god harper"!
@jeff4122 Yeah thats very true and a lot of the past MVPs led his team to the postseason...but again Harpers overall season performance has been almost impeccable.
@christianmordi Hahaha you gotta give it to @jeff4122 and his love for the Mets!
@christianmordi Yes it's going to be Harper for sure haha. Its a shame that the Nats arent going to make it this year