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Earlier this week I wrote about some movies you shouldn't watch with your significant other and I've been feeling like I should probably fix that. I mean, there are plenty of movies you should watch with your significant other -- I'm pretty sure you can just point at the wall in a Blockbuster (this metaphor is outdated) and find one -- but these are the movies that I, me, Paul I. Average will watch with you if we happen to be in a romantic relationship.

Love Actually

This is an obvious one. This should be on everyone's list, like, absolutely Love Actually every single time. Imagine this date, okay? It's winter in New York and it's close enough to Christmas for this movie to be relevant, okay? So you come over -- because by this point we're cool enough to spend nights at each other's apartments -- and there's this weird picnic setup on the mattress in my bedroom, I'll say something sweet (hopefully) and we'll watch this movie on my laptop while we cuddle and drink red wine. And I'll probably say the captial-L word to you at the end and we'll go to sleep and wake up the next morning all happy and shit.

Garden State

This is another obvious one. I mean, we watched Love Actually and everyone and their step-sister knows about that movie. Well, I guess, yeah people now-a-days know about Garden State too but it's a step in the direction that I want to take you in terms of movies I'm very into (INDIE DRAMAS). While this movie goes on -- 'cause face it, you've probably seen this one before -- we'll talk about how we fill so similar to each other characters. Hopefully, we'll pay attention to the screen and not get lost in each other's eyes.

Moonrise Kingdom

Okay, so if we're watching this movie it probably means we're pretty serious. Like, wearing matching bracelets serious. That's actually the most important part of watching this movie with me. We'll probably watch it on a couch and on a TV, instead of a laptop. Mostly because we're at that point where we don't expect anything physical to happen when we watch movies like most early-relationship-people. So, I'll just drape my arm around you and we'll watch the movie in silence. It'll remind us of how in love with each other we are. We'll feel like the kids in the story and we'll want to run away together. It'll be a really nice experience and afterwards we'll share a cigarette (we're both trying to quit) and talk about how Wes Anderson is one of our favorites.

Silver Linings Playbook

Okay, so here's the thing. Maybe I should have put Wes Anderson's movie before this one, right? No. Definitely not. We can't end on a really weird-indie-hipster note (even though I'd love to). Silver Linings Playbook gets dangerously close to making light of mental health issues, so it's kind of hard to recommend. But it'll definitely give us a good depiction of a couple of fucked up people who fall in love. And if you're dating me -- someone who is fucked up -- you, too, are probably, maybe fucked up. It was one of my favorite movies of the year the year it came out. And sharing it with you -- if we're dating -- would be my pleasure.
So there's a pretty short list (there'll probably be another one at some point in the future) of movies you should definitely watch with your partner, or me, if you're into weird hipsters that spill mustard all over their jeans.
Why not @mchlyang? I love that movie!
Love Actually is my all-time favorite! Also I'm not sure Silver Linings Playbook is a good choice to watch with my partner.....
All of these movies are great! I’ve seen all of them. Except (don’t judge me) Garden State. It’s been on my list forever!
I agree, @paulisaverage. We find those things in common and that is what makes us special. :)
@ButterflyBlu and i like that! i think that's what connects us all!
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